November 21, 2014

Replacing A Motor On a Clothes Dryer

Replacing A Motor On a Clothes Dryer 2As with any repair, be sure you unplug the appliance before beginning. Your first step is to remove the screws at the rear of the control panel to release it. Next open the dryer door and remove the screws inside the door frame which secure the main top. Carefully unhook the control panel tabs from the mail top and lift up the top and remove. Uninstall the screws, securing the front panel.

Lift the front panel up and rotate it to the side. Remove the screw or screws, securing the sides of the cabinet to the support panel. Reach under the drum and push the idler pulley to release the tension on the belt, then unthread the belt from the pulley and motor shaft. Use the belt to help lift out the drum. Next disconnect the motor wire harness as well as the belt switch wires.

Disconnect the power cord connector and the door wires before you start any kind of repair. If applicable, move the switch guard out of the way. After noting their position, disconnect the door switch wires. Now feed the wires through the support panel. Remove the screws, securing the motor grounding wire. Next remove the screws, securing the cycling thermostat and move the thermostat out of the way (you can learn more about replacing appliance parts from our friends at Appliance Masters by clicking here:

Uninstall the screws on the back of the motor mounting bracket and the screws at the front of the support panel. Move the wires out of the way, slide the blower wheel and motor assembly out of the housing and detach the idler arm. Now remove the blower wheel and motor from the cabinet and set it on a sturdy surface. Use pliers to secure the motor shaft as you rotate the blower wheel counterclockwise to remove.

Replacing A Motor On a Clothes Dryer 3Be aware, this may require some effort. Now remove the screws from the front bracket. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the rear mounting clip. Noting the orientation of the old motor, remove it from the mounting bracket. You are now ready to install the new motor. Correctly position the new motor on the mounting bracket. Snap the rear mounting clip into place and secure the screws in the front bracket.

Replace the blower wheel by threading a clockwise onto the motor shaft. Secure the shaft as you tighten the wheel. Return the motor and blower wheel assembly to the cabinet. Reattach the idler arm and slide the assembly into the housing. Confirm that the idler arm correctly activates the belt switch. Feed the wires back into position. Replace the screws securing the assembly to the support panel and the one securing it to the mounting bracket.

Replace the screw to secure the grounding wire. Position the cycling thermostat on the blower housing and secure the screw. Feed the door wiring harness through the support panel. Reconnect the door switch wires. Reposition the switch guard if necessary and reconnect the door wire connector. Reconnect the power cord connector. Reconnect the belt switch wires and the motor wire harness.

Replace the drum in the cabinet by aligning the drum shaft and bearing with the bearing retainer on the rear panel. Reach under the drum and thread the belt onto the pulley and motor shaft in a zigzag formation. Now rotate the drum to help align the belt. Replace the screw or screws, securing the sides of the cabinet to the support panel. Reposition the front panel by first aligning the tabs in the base with the slots in the panel.

Now lift up the drum and snap the front panel into place. Secure the screws. Replace the mail top by aligning the slots in the top with the tabs on the frame, then reinstall the screws in the door frame to secure. Reposition the control panel by inserting the tabs into the slots at the back of the main top. Replace the screws in the back to secure. You are now ready to plug the power cord back in and confirm that the appliance is functioning properly.

Eric Gomez