November 14, 2014

Refrigerator Odor Control

moso natural refrigerator odor controlI’ve got an excellent product if you are looking for long lasting way to remove odors from your refrigerator that comes from a really reliable source – my good friends at Austin Appliance Masters who spend a lot to time with their heads inside of refrigerators, so they definitely can appreciate the benefits of a good odor control solution.

The product they recently told me about is called Moso Natural. It’s a hundred percent charcoal from bamboo, so it’s safe on food, pets, kids and what’s interesting is this will remove odors from your refrigerator for two years and also excess moisture.

And very easy to apply, it comes with a little suction cup and you just stick it to the inside of the fridge and it’s that easy. It takes up very little room and it’s going to last for two years. And what’s interesting is that you can actually take this out of the fridge and put it in direct sunlight for about an hour once a month or so and it will revitalize the charcoal inside.

After two years you can just draw the date on the tag on the side of the bag and after two years you can cut it open and put it into your garden and it’s very healthy for plants. So it’s a great little product, you can pick it up at your local hardware store and if they don’t have it, they can order it for you.

Eric Gomez