December 21, 2014

How to Remove An Oil Stain from Concrete

Today I am going to show you how to remove an oil stain from concrete. This is a common problem, especially if you own an older car or, like us, because of having many short term tenant rentals (ours are managed by the folks at and we love them!), you’re never sure what kind of car might be parking in your driveway or garage and you always end up with stains after a while. So I compared four different methods. Some worked, some didn’t. So you are going to want to stay tuned because you are going to save time and money in the process. Let’s get started. I tried four different methods. I used kitty litter, TSP, WD-40, and Drylok Etch.

So I wanted to see which one would work best at removing the stain – the oil stain or whatever stain it is – in the concrete. I used to kitty litter first. And this is a real basic method. All you do is pour the kitty litter onto the stain and then mash it real good with your body weight. Now, you don’t have to wear green shoes like I did, but mash it really good and then you sweep it off the stain and I did not see any change.

That’s not to say that this method wouldn’t work for you, so give it a shot. The second one was using WD-40. All I did here was spray the WD-40 onto a little circular section of the stain, because after all, this is an experiment, and I did not want to try it on the whole section, I sprayed it on, and then I scrubbed it really good with a stiff wire brush. I did this for several minutes and after that, I brushed on some kitty litter to absorb the WD-40 and hopefully the stain.  And I let that sit there for a good 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime, I took some straight TSP and I poured that over the adjacent stain like so. And again, I used a stiff wire brush to hopefully scrub out the stain. And this is what it looked like, I put some kitty litter to absorb the stain. So I brushed off the WD-40 and again, nothing. So WD-40 is a bust. Then here is a surprise. I shoveled off the kitty litter that absorbed the TSP, and there there was a noticeable difference. So TSP is a good method to try on an oil stain.

The forth method that I used was Drylok Etch. Be safe when you use all these chemicals, wear gloves, safety glasses. And what I did is I scrubbed it with a stiff wire brush and this is what it looked like. So it turned out really awesome with the Drylok Etch. And as a reminder, this is what it looked like before. So Drylok Etch, awesome. There you have it. The kitty litter and the WD-40 didn’t work out as well for me as maybe, it might for you.

You could give it a shot, especially if you own a cat, which I don’t. I went out and bought the kitty litter. That’s a whole different story. And most everybody’s got WD-40. But the TSP and the Drylok Etch were total winners. And I would say try the TSP first, then go for the Drylok Etch. But there you have it. Those are two solutions that will help you out with removing your oil stain from concrete.

I hope this helped you out. Here’s some more info from YouTube…

Eric Gomez