Eric Gomez of TrotHwy.com

Eric Gomez of TrotHwy.com

TrotHwy.com is a group effort. While the exact meaning of the name of our site is left open to interpretation (and there have been many interpretations, to be sure!), that is not what’s important.  We are here as a virtual home helper’s mastermind group, combining our years of experience in any number of repair, renovation, remodeling, restoration, rehabilitation and revitalizing practices.

In other words, we’re here to fix old things and make them better.

It might be an old bike or car, or more likely, something around the house (or the house itself) that we all love to tinker with.  We do our best to organize our thoughts and put them together “on paper” as it were, here on the Information Super Highway, and get them out to those who can benefit from them.

Mind you, many of our contributors are retired, and others do this very part time, so the speed of projects here is sometimes not quite as fast as one might expect on a “super highway”…  We’ll just leave it at that and say that we hope you enjoy your visit with us here, and hopefully come away with something useful.