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Replacing A Motor On a Clothes Dryer

As with any repair, be sure you unplug the appliance before beginning. Your first step is to remove the screws at the rear of the control panel to release it. Next open the dryer door and remove the screws inside the door frame which secure the main top. Carefully unhook the control panel tabs from the mail top and lift up the top and remove. Uninstall the screws, securing the [...]

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Refrigerator Odor Control

I've got an excellent product if you are looking for long lasting way to remove odors from your refrigerator that comes from a really reliable source – my good friends at Austin Appliance Masters who spend a lot to time with their heads inside of refrigerators, so they definitely can appreciate the benefits of a good odor control solution. Th [...]

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Diagnosing a Washer That Won't Run After Filling

Today we have here a Kenmore washing machine, this is a limited edition Kenmore type washer, and the complaint is that it will fill with water and then after it fills with water, it does nothing, it won’t agitate and also will not go into a spin cycle. We’re going to have a look at seeing exactly what’s wrong and what we can do to get things working right again. So the [...]

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Hanging Things on Hollow Walls

Most walls have cavities - hollow spots created by the wall studs.  There are lots of things that run through the spaces, like electrical and plumbing lines.  The chances are, everything is protected so that you can nail and drill into most walls and be pretty sure that you won't hurt a thing. Even so, whenever you nail or drill into a wall, be careful.  And if you encoun [...]

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