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How to Hang a Door

Our first project is going to be hanging a door. Make sure you purchase the correct size door for the frame. Place the door in the frame. Most doors need minor alterations to get a good fit. Using two small wedges, lift the door off the floor. A 2-millimeter gap is required between the door and the frame. You can use a quarter to gauge the gap. Then, mark the inside of the door [...]

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Measuring For Replacement WIndows - Part 2

This was a bit long to put all in one article, so we broke it into two. If you missed the first part, you can go here to catch up. What I do is I measure the existing window, I'll measure the width, I'll hook the tape right over on the outside of the edge of the window frame. Come right over to this side, right to the outside. This window right now measures sixty-four inches [...]

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Replacement Windows - Measure Right!

Today we're going to discuss how to measure your existing windows in your home, so that if you want to replace them or get a quote on new windows, you could take those numbers to a supplier and quote them up. Generally you've got two thicknesses of walls to start with. You usually have either a 2x4 framed wall or a 2x6 framed wall. So, if you have a 2x6 framed wall like we h [...]

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How To Remove Old Popcorn Ceiling Stuff

Today we're going to talk about removing stipple, the popcorn old style ceiling. Pretty simple job, little messy, needs some basic tools to do it, we'll go through the tools in few minutes. We basically have a 10x10 room here, so we're going to talk about the tools that we need to do it and the process we are going through. As I mentioned, the tools we need to do this job is [...]

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